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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

Alright, I'm ready to give it a shot. Folks, this cast may look a bit overstacked, I know. However, what I was going for was the old Donner method of surrounding the two main characters with established stars.

The story outline I am writing contains both Brainiac and Zod (a complex, 'butting heads' if you will, team up) as the main villains. Lex becomes involved of course, but I'll post a story outline if I finish it.

Director: Peter Jackson
----For this fantasy epic, he's my number one choice right above Zemeckis.

Superman/Clark Kent: Michael Trucco
----I'd have to see screen tests first, but based on what I've seen in his television acting maybe, just maybe he could pull it off.

Lois Lane: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
----Again, I'd have to see her actually acting as Lois Lane before I would cast her.

Lex Luthor: Hugh Laurie
----I think he could do a sinister Lex, which would fit my story perfectly. Hugh is a very talented actor and based on his performance in House, I'd rather cast him as a villain.

Brainiac: John C. McGinley
----McGinley, better known for his role as Dr. Perry Cox in the drama/comedy hybrid Scrubs. I've seen him bald ("Stealing Harvard), and he's got the look. With his physique he looks like he could hold his own in a fight. That coupled with his amazing acting (watch the Scrubs episodes "My Screwup" and "My Lunch" to see what I'm talking about) fit him in this role.

General Zod: Hugh Jackman
----It was late and I was actually watching "The Prestige" on DVD and just threw out this possibly left field casting choice for Zod. Anyone else want to see Jackman fight Superman on the big screen? Maybe I'm alone in this...

Jor El: Geoffrey Rush
----I know Anthony Hopkins pops up a lot, but I just think Geoffrey's got that wise older man look down. Plus, the voice, in my opinion, would be flawless.

And my finalized poster (no actor names, there's too darn many):

"Come on... hit me!"
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