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Default Re: Should X-MEN Duplicate what Superman Returns Did?

I think if Wolverine and Magneto are not as successful as the team movies, FOX will start to approach the cast for an X4. I don't know how many would return. And I don't know who they'd want to return.

I don't think a movie of Logan and all the students would be much of a draw. They'll need at least a couple of the main cast like Cyclops, Storm, etc...

We'll see. I think I'll wait until the second weekend to see Wolverine, because the last thing we want is ANOTHER Wolverine trilogy!

I think a lot of the damage done in X3 is reversible, if they get good writers on board.

-The cure has already been hinted to be temporary (magneto)
- Cyclops never died on camera
- Xavier isn't really dead

I think Jean's storyline is done, though. It could have been played out better, but I think it's best to leave her dead.

So no to the Superman Returns Treatment, but YES to an X4!

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