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Default Re: Should X-MEN Duplicate what Superman Returns Did?

Originally Posted by taintedFB View Post
I think if Wolverine and Magneto are not as successful as the team movies, FOX will start to approach the cast for an X4. I don't know how many would return. And I don't know who they'd want to return.

I don't think a movie of Logan and all the students would be much of a draw. They'll need at least a couple of the main cast like Cyclops, Storm, etc...

We'll see. I think I'll wait until the second weekend to see Wolverine, because the last thing we want is ANOTHER Wolverine trilogy!

I think a lot of the damage done in X3 is reversible, if they get good writers on board.

-The cure has already been hinted to be temporary (magneto)
- Cyclops never died on camera
- Xavier isn't really dead

I think Jean's storyline is done, though. It could have been played out better, but I think it's best to leave her dead.

So no to the Superman Returns Treatment, but YES to an X4!
Totally agreed.

But do you see Logan as the main character again? didn't understand the Logan and students pary at all.

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