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Default Re: Should X-MEN Duplicate what Superman Returns Did?

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
That would be the absolute KISS of death for X4. They HAVE to have at least two of those four back, preferably all of them.

I don't understand what eliminating the TOPLINERS does for an X4 sequel. I understand fans might want their favorites to shine, but you can't just eliminate two of the biggest actors, and characters from the trilogy. I mean, lets be serious here for a second. If Storm & Wolverine are gone, what other character can you realistically see leading a future X-Men sequel or X-Men team like the previous two, or even Scott has? Kitty? Bobby? Peter? Warren? I mean, that's pretty much it. Hank can't do it since he's in a higher position in the Government. You can't just introduce a new character and have them in the leader position and expect the audience to just accept it.

An X4 sequel w/o Wolverine or Storm would be a grave mistake by Fox.
Hugh Jackman firmly said no to X4, if it was even made he'd refuse to star in it. Halle Berry said the opposite. She believes it will be made, and would love to return.

Storm would lead, Beast could return to teach and of course Professor Xavier has a new, walking body...

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