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Default Blue Team and Gold Team

I got into X-men around '93 when Jim Lee (whom I still hold as one of my favorite, if not favorite artist) was writing and the X-men branched off into two teams and they had two issues X-men and the Uncanny X-men. Storm leading the Gold team in the Uncanny and Cyclops leading the Blue team.

Anyfreakin'who, I always thought, just like the movies wanting to develop more the characters they already had while introducing new characters, the comic books split into two lines...what if 20th Century Fox got the balls to do something totally new like that, make two movies at once and split up the teams, have the characters still connect like the comics did, but mainly have two story lines in two separate movies going on.

Did anyone follow X-men during this time? Does anyone else think that'd be totally awesome, though most likely not in anyway possible?

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