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Default Re: Blue Team and Gold Team

Originally Posted by Neptune View Post
I don't think it's a good idea. You'll mis a lot of interaction between the X-men. No Cyclops and Jean, no Gambit and Storm etc. It would be a good idea of they made 2 teams in the same movie. If for some reason they do decide to make seperate movies then i am definitely watching the movie about the blue team. That is one great X-men line up

Seriously, why do we need Cyke/Jean interaction? It was boring the first time around in the movies, and it would be boring the second time around! Let Cyke/Jean go!

While the two teams thing wouldn't really work out well, I'd be happy with the rosters. X-Men Blue was what I consider the single greatest run in the X-Books in the last 17 or so years (AKA, post 1990).

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