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Default Re: Pure & simple: Do you want Whedon as X4 director?

Originally Posted by Gilpesh View Post
You're not reading me right.

I never said I want a fanboy made movie that is the comic on screen ala Sin City. I said he's enough of a fanboy... he isn't going to adapt it by ruining it.

It's not going to be the Wolverine show... Rogue isn't going to give up her powers... Jean Grey and Logan is not the true 'love story'.
But the problem is that Fanboys (Like Whedon) are going to want things to go their own personal way... with their own favorite characters. I mean, hell, Whedon insisted upon resurrecting Colossus after he'd been gone for ages... Just for the sake of dreding up the Peter/Kitty relationship... and now there're rumors he's going to kill Kitty! What's the point?

Eh, I'm just not thrilled with Whedon's take on Marvel. His work with Runaways has been trash.

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