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Default Re: Pure & simple: Do you want Whedon as X4 director?

Originally Posted by Gilpesh View Post
Suddenly it is he can't make a movie because he is mainly television and comics... Now it is just cause he can make a movie doesn't mean he can make a good one.

Box office? That's what you rate a good movie on? Shame.

Thanks for proving your own point of you couldn't make a good X4.
Though I hate to admit it, the box office is THE deciding factor on a movie's rate. Why? Because in the end it's the only way to decide on whether or not a film was able to capture the interest of general audiences. Serenity... really didn't.

But back on topic...

I don't want Whedon in there because, yes, I didn't feel that Serenity was all it could be. And yes, I don't like the idea of letting Whedon jump from the comics to the film.

And I don't want a fanboy to put his hands on the movie at all. Hell, I'd rather have someone with only meager knowledge to be given X4... Let a director take time out, evaluate the material, and adapt it well. Fanboys will bring biases.

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