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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Cyclops - I voted for him b/c he needs the chance to stand out like the leader and hero as in all other continuities of X-Men.

Jean - She got enough screentime and development. She doens't need to come back.

Professor X - I'm sure the team can do fine without him.

Mystique - Unless she's given a good reason for returning than I don't wanna see her.

Sabretooth - No way. Most don't even care about him.

Magneto - He has to go too. It's time to use a new mutant villain.

Rogue - A useless wimp and traitor that can't do anything also has to go.

PS They all can be replaced by new characters with similar powers anyway.

PSS I would also elminate Logan and Ororo. All they did was hog screentime and steal glory from everyone else.

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