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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Mystique…because (ok…I’m going to be a ***** for a sec. so if you think you may be offended by my comments then don’t read or ***** me out in your next post.)

Jean Gray is the Phoenix…she can’t die even though I’d give my left hand to see that ***** burn in hell.
I usually love Rogue in the cartoon and in the comics but she is a little pansy, cry ass in the movies…can’t stand her….I wish the director killed her off so Anna couldn’t harm Rogue’s character anymore than she already has.
Cyclops deserves to die, although I like the lack of chemistry between Wolverine and him, it is a bit of comic relief…love it, but I don’t think it is enough to bring him back from the beyond.
Pro. X is not dead, if you watched the end of the movie you would have realized that although his body was destroyed the good professor was able to transfer his mind over to another, although I do understand the want to have him in his entirety (mind & body)
Who gives two craps about Sabertooth…although he is a good villain, a agree….but not important enough in my mind
And finally Magneto….my absolute favorite villain…at the end of the movie he was able to move a metal checker piece symbolizing his abilities returning…
I know, I know the same will happen with Mystique but I wasn’t thinking right then until after I voted…then it came to me. Most of which is probably the gibberish of an 18-year-old girl ….but it’s my opinion all the same!

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