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Originally Posted by batman strikes View Post
I thought the Dan Gilroy script was the final draft before Burton left the project. Because if I remember correctly the studio hated that draft and told Burton to have it changed. Anyways could someone review Wesley Strick's draft because I have no idea what the basic storyline for that script was.
Yeah, WB made Burton change the script continuously. He went through four or five writers as I recall.

Originally Posted by The Shredder
I would have had a curiosity (perhaps morbid) to see the flick. Cage as Supes would have been .... different. But maybe interesting in some ways as well. Agreed on Smith's script being superior to that of Burton's final shooting Wesley Strick script.
I've been fascinated by the project ever since 1997, when I was telling everybody that Cage was the new Superman. It would have been extremely unique. I must be the one person in the world who though Cage as Supes was a fantastic idea. He's nothing like the typical Superman, but as a different, Elseworlds version of Superman if you like, I loved the idea.

I'm still toying with the idea of novelising Kevin Smith's script, or drawing some pages as comicbook pages, or something. It's almost an obsession.

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