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Default Re: Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Transformers (1986)

Originally Posted by sto_vo_kor_2000 View Post
Call of the Primatives does not explain anything about the matrix.It was an animation error on the part of the company that did that epp.It was not the intention of the writers to connect the matrix to Primacon's aid.The animation house was givin a bunch of designs and a script but no history on the charters.
That's highly debated. The explanation for that was given well after the fact, and most people chalk it up to fanwank attempts to merge the comic and cartoon. Fact is, even if it WAS an animation error the story and dialogue matched perfectly with what was going on in the animation. So it was a very rational animation error and not something akin to miscoloring Optimus. The lab assisstant claimed a desire and means to stop Unicron, in addition to stating that it was wise...something the cartoon Matrix was.
Unicron was created by the insane genius, Primacron, but turned on him. After Unicron's attack against his master, Primacron's assistant was shown to flee, and from his damaged robotic body, an object that appeared to be the Matrix emerged. If this truly was intended to be the Matrix, how the Transformers obtained it was never revealed.

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