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Default Re: Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Transformers (1986)

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
That's highly debated. The explanation for that was given well after the fact, and most people chalk it up to fanwank attempts to merge the comic and cartoon. Fact is, even if it WAS an animation error the story and dialogue matched perfectly with what was going on in the animation. So it was a very rational animation error and not something akin to miscoloring Optimus. The lab assisstant claimed a desire and means to stop Unicron, in addition to stating that it was wise...something the cartoon Matrix was.
I'm not trying to argue with you.....and your right that the dialogue watch up with the animation.But quoting Wiki isnt as a source of fact isnt always the way to go.There have been a lot of bad info found there.As for that epp.........And ZI just put it on to make sure about what I was saying......Primacon's aid never said nothing about a "desire and means to stop Unicron" it was Tornatron that he wanted to stop.When the Aid said he fled the lab after Unicrons attact we see somthing that looks like the Matrix flot up and leave the lab whill the Aid speeks saying that he excaped an retreeted to this dead world and then we see him talking to the animal TF and he is a much larger them Skylinx glowing blob of light witch could not have fit into the matrix.As for it being a fan-made attempt to explain things.........This might be.......but once at a cyber con I went to in NJ they were passing around copys of scripts of many of the episodes and in the one in question the script called for Primacon's aid to excape in a shuttle craft.As the real storys go's.....Marvel/Sunbo never sent the animation house a still shot of any of the shuttle's they have used in the show so the animators looked threw all the designs they did send and decided that the matrix must have been the shuttle.

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