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Default Re: Luke Cage: Update

Ok guys the script is done. Will Singleton do this first or Black Panther. Well he does have at least one film to do before starting either. Marvel got Luke Cage rights back but it is not part of the financed slate so Marvel needs to have it added to the Merill slate like Hulk & Iron Man, or get alternate financing. Luke Cage on the other hand does not have a ready script but financing is in place. LOL

My bet...Luke Cage is added to the slate and starts filming early 2008 for a 2009 release and with be Marvel Studios 2nd film in 2009. Thor and Luke Cage.

Here's the exerpt:

BSN: Are you itching to get back in the director’s chair?
JS: Yes, I’m about to direct a movie right now with Halle Berry.

BSN: You mean the crime drama Luke Cage?
JS: No, Tulia. Tulia, Texas.

BSN: Halle’s already signed on and you’re making that movie before Luke Cage?
JS: Yes.

BSN: What’s it about?
JS: It about a small town in Texas where all these Black people were arrested and railroaded for drug-dealing.

BSN: Oh, I remember that real-life case. They all were framed. It’s good that you’re telling their story, like another Rosewood. Are you worried about Illegal Tender’s R rating?
JS: Why would I worry about it?

BSN: Weren’t you shooting for a PG-13?
JS: With this movie? Heck no, it wasn’t even a consideration.

BSN: Has the backlash that brought down Don Imus influenced you now as you go about making movies?
JS: No, not at all. Why should that effect me?

BSN: Well, when I’m watching a movie, and I hear someone refer to a Black female as a “ho”, I definitely flinch and feel distracted and think about Imus’ remark.
JS: But why does it take Don Imus to make anybody watch what they say in terms of how they talk about their own people. I don’t give a damn about Don Imus. I think Black people need to check themselves. He said what he said because he was trying to be hip and cool, and he learned that language from us. It wasn’t from a whole bunch of white people sitting around talking about “nappy-headed hos.” He got too familiar.

BSN: Did you feel comfortable casting Rick Gonzalez and Wanda De Jesus, a
couple of relative unknowns, as your leads in what could prove to be breakout roles for them?
JS: Yes I did. Look at my other pictures. That’s what I do. I use new people. And after I use them, they become stars.

BSN: Like you did for Tyrese in Baby Boy. Now, he’s in blockbusters like Transformers. Is he attached to Luke Cage?
JS: Not yet.

BSN: What’s the plan for that picture?
JS: Well, we have a script, but we’re really trying to work it out with the studio. The studio hasn’t made a deal for it yet.

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