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Default Re: Luke Cage: Update

Originally Posted by tamron View Post
His biggest role to date was Detective Baldwin Jones on NYPD Blue from 2000-2005. He's 6'4" (Cage stands 6'6"), in great shape with a booming voice, commanding stage presence. I feel like he's one of the few instances where the guy not only has the look of the character, but the chops too.

Ok now that you re telling me. I was one of those rare guy who couldn't stand NYPD blues I never watch a full episode but I do remember this guy. Same thing today with Greys anatomy I just can't sorry!

See that s what I call recruiting! The guy is definitely look like him 6ft 4 is perfect nobody will notice the difference and he act like him. You know what? i have nothing esle to say role the cameras!

You can be a Germain and make me think you re Russian but you cannot be 5ft 10 and make be beleive you re 6ft 6 even with your best acting skills!

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