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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE discussion thread

For a Wolvie thread, there's not actually much talk on what's going on.

IMO, Wolvie stories for a while now have been kicking proper arse.

Loeb's Wolvie run has been really freakin' good, we got the full LD on the Logan/Creed relationship, Creed got 'offed,' and we got a whole new arch-nemesis in a revamped Wild Child.

And I REALLY think Creed's death was done well. As with most comic fans, when a charcter like Hawkeye, or Carnage dies the way they do, hordes of people ***** about the death wasn't big enough, only lasted a page, blah, blah.

Now we get a major story, from a massive name, doing a full indepth big story, killing Wolvie's nemesis, and what happens? Nothing. Unless there's something to compain about here, not many people wan to talk, lol.

All Wolvie stories have been continuity heavy as well, his 'origin,' story has been taking proper form, and everything's tying together.

Loved the annual, Andrews hits it out of the park as usual with his art. And I really think Way has done a good job busting his balls to tie together all of the messed up continuity.

The 'Lupine,' theory very much takes care over the 'science,' problems of their insane regeneration. There's something much deeper here...

Did anyone notice the 'Lost' similarity from Loeb's story? Okay, bare with me here.

We all know, Loeb is one of the executive producers on Lost, as well as one of the writers. Now, Wolverine's mysterious past has always been linked with shady government types. This was a plot device used for many years, that reflected the Western world's growing distrust with factions of our own government.

But times change, and Wolvie gets his memory back. But as expected, that's only the start. As everything has moved along, the most significant moment so far since that page of HOM, is the moment he killed Creed. Now, to plainly continue to do the 'government cover up,' thing is just played out. So now we get a very 'Lost,' take on it.

Just look at the last few pages on the last ish, where Logan's withy Wildchild and 'Romulus,' and take these into account:

1) You have an empty natural area, where the lead character hears whispers, and then people randomly appearing/disappearing. Rather like Lost.

2) You have this new mysterious 'Lupine,' mythology, that dates back really far. Just how far? We don't know. This is like the 'hostiles,' on Lost, just look at 'that foot' for mysterious mythology reference.

3) On Lost, everyone has to answer to this mysterious person named Jacob, that no one can see, except Ben. And everything is dependant on what 'Jacob,' wants. The same seems to happen with Wild Child and Romulous.

4) Characters 'fates,' are told in dreams in both.

5) While holding some unexplained non-scientific phenomenon, (dreams, super-natural phenomenon, unexplained EXTREMLEY powerful bloodlines of secret societies,) the mysterious villain in both stories, resorts to using various companies/governments in our world to conduct over the top scientific experiments on various people.

6) Nobody knows why in both stories the full reasoning for the experiments.

7) Once again, in both stories, the mysterious protagonists seem uber powerful, yet they use modern science to still try and get what they want. Once again, why?

I could go along with the comparisons a little more, but I think my point is made.

Overall, I do like the way the new mystery pans out. I think it works well with Wolvie, who has the balance of being a 'wildeness,' type character, yet has un ending ties to scientific genetic experiments.

And before we hear all the bashing about 'Oh it's so cheap just to use Lost's plot devices, blah, blah,' Let's remember that the Wolvie stoyline has been going on for decades. Everyone knows for sure that plenty of books/TV shows/films have borrowed from comic book storylines for a long time. (The Bourne trilogy anyone?) So it's pretty fair to say that a lot of Lost plotlines coul've been in some way 'inspred by,' those aspects from Wolverine etc.

What I think we have now is, a kinda full circle attempt to combine all of these things, and reinvigorate Wolverine's 'mysterious,' past.

I for one dig it, any thoughts anybody else?

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