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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE discussion thread

Originally Posted by wolvie2020 View Post
Did anyone notice the 'Lost' similarity from Loeb's story? Okay, bare with me here. (...)

I for one dig it, any thoughts anybody else?
The "Lost" aspect of Loeb's run is an interesting theory, really made me wonder...
I'll send it to a friend of mine who's a Lost fanatic. She isn't really a Wolverine reader, but she knows the guy and his history, so I think it'll amuse her a great deal!
I love "Lost", it's one of the most interesting stuff I've seen on tv for ages. To me, more interesting than Loeb's "Wolverine" run anyway, but I can see where you're getting at when you make the comparisons.

Originally Posted by danoyse
I've caught a Lost connection with the names. Only a few characters on Lost know that Sawyer's real name is James, and they tend to use it in a sort of tantalizing way in front of him, like they know some big secret....where Logan's real name is also James, and some characters tend to use it in the same way, like in Wolverine #47.
Hey, I was just talking about it with my above mentioned friend! How uncanny is that?!

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