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Default Re: Luke Cage: Update

Originally Posted by ANTOINE X View Post
Well I m not sure but I saw some where they said Terrence Howard could do diamond back. I have to check the source.
You're right, Singleton did mention that he wanted him for that role. But that was before he was Oscar nominated for Hustle & Flow and signed to play Jim Rhodes in Iron Man. Terrence is very much in demand in comparison to when Singleton first made the suggestion back in 2005, so he may have to look elsewhere. Elba, IMHO, would be a great choice if that's the case.

The main thing I wonder about at this point is the script. The only script review was way back in '03 from Latino Review. El Mayimbe liked it, but I don't trust his judgement much, and it was written by Ben Ramsey, who's written action/comedies like The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet. If the Luke Cage script is similar to those films in tone, (and the review certainly made it sound as though that is the case), it's going to be a sub-par film. Of course, Singleton claimed the script had been worked on since that time, but how much? And by whom?

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