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Default Re: Official Batman Beyond Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by The Shredder View Post
Oh yeah. Harley's cameo was great.

Speaking of Legion of Doom, I was shocked at how quickly those members who sided with Grodd were executed in that particular episode. I remember watching it, and was like, "Damn!".
It certainly halved the Justice League's problems lol

I guess they would have relaxed a little up until the Beyond-era, until the new school of villains kicked off.

I suppose I liked Blight's story and how they kept him going until the end of season 1, but the Beyond villains wouldn't have stood a chance against any of the old school villains, I mean when the Jokerz first see the Joker in ROTJ they start to panic.

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i think union is tight...
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Union is pretty hot..
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union_jak for shoooooo

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I had to go with JakJak.

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Jak is teh sexy.

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**** it, unionjak is hot...

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I gotta go for my boy Jak here.

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