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Default Re: The Gus Gorman thread

I do not care RICHARD PRYOR is the best black stand up comic there was and ever will be. As far as Superman 3 goes it was not all that bad Yes Lester screwed the pooch on that one, BUT it still had a good idea of a movie, The chase scenes with the rockets, What happens when Superman gets drunk and turns into a normal person with advanced powers (AKA Bizzaro), I think time will tell on this one, and one of the last and best performances Richard Pryor had in film the Truly Last was MOVING the movie. Hey will a sequel ever come out of that chick knocked up too? Hey its just a thought, and could The current Superfilms possibly play off that worthless Supergirl film, Because if you listen to the radio announcer it says that Superman went on a diplomatic mission to another galaxy and that is why he was absent. But Gus Gorman was a good way for Pryor to hit Mainstream media. Other than setting himself on fire.

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