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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Cyclops: I think Cyclops should come back. Though I don't really care for this character, he IS the leader and his body was never shown dead, so I think there is room and good possibility for him to come back. Besides Wolverine is NOT a good leader for Xavier's School

Jean: I don't want her to come back, but she is now the Phoenix and I can see it happening against our wishes.

Professor X: I would love to see him again. In the new body one that has no spinal injury and all his powers intact. That would be REALLY cool!

Mystique: I say let her go.

Sabretooth: Only for the Wolverine movie.

Magneto: He has spent enough time on the screen as the bad guy. Bring another baddie into the limelight!

Rogue: Yes, she is a definate must. I would love to see her powers come back, but only if Gambit comes into the picture. If there's no Gambit, then why cure Rogue?

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