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Default Re: Pure & simple: Do you want Whedon as X4 director?

Originally Posted by ToriL90 View Post
Why do you say that? Is there a little history I don't know?
Originally Posted by BMM View Post
I don't believe there's any history between Cameron and X-Men. He once wrote a treatment for Spider-Man though... but what I think Gilpesh is implying is that after The Last Stand, Cameron wouldn't want to be the follow-up to someone else's franchise. He would probably want to do his own thing rather than be forced to follow what has already been established.
What I am talking about is not that Cameron would be walking into the franchise. He did makes Aliens after Ridley Scott did Alien.

What I am saying is that Cameron must see the horrible quality of the Last Stand and know that he doesn't want to stick his neck out after that turd.

Oh and Fox might not bump the budget enough to give us Cameron's X-Men.

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