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Default Re: Luke Cage: Update

Originally Posted by tamron View Post
That interview is hilarious. Baby Boy is a "classic"? Singleton makes "ghetto movies that are classy"? ROFL.

I can almost swallow Singleton directing Luke Cage. There are much better directors out there, but maybe, just maybe, he could do it justice. But the fact he's indicated that Tyrese and he are a package deal really turns me off to Singleton directing completely. Tyrese is a crappy actor, and he'd be a horrible Luke Cage.

And it annoys me all the more because the perfect Cage is out there in Henry Simmons. He's got the height, the build, the chops. Put a quality cast around him and I've no doubt it could sell.

I can only hope that with Marvel getting the rights back, they'll decide to go in another direction, maybe Heroes for Hire as a superhero-Rush Hour.
This more or less is how I feel as well. I don't feel that Tyrese is a crappy actor, but I DO feel he'd make a horrible Luke Cage! I'm very sure Kevin Grevioux would do a exellent job! I've meet that kat, he's got a killer voice! Although most of all, I like Henry Simmons best for this roll! Using Tyrese would be setting up a movie for failure! I have a great imagination and am a visionary as much, if not more so than most in the entertainment industry, but I really don't know what John Singleton sees in Tyrese for Luke Cage! He'd have to do some Lord of the Rings s**t, to make little Tyrese look like big ass Luke Cage! Why even bother?
John, get with the program, or give it up to someone who cares about this film !

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