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Default Re: Luke Cage: Update

Originally Posted by Blade X View Post
Superman,Batman,Hulk,and Spider-Man are well known characters and DO NOT need big name/well known actors to play them. The characters themselves, sell those movies. Lesser known characters like Daredevil,Blade, Iron Man,Ghost Rider,and Luke Cage need big name and/or well known actors to play them since those characters names alone can't sell a movie.
What you said is true but big actors is not a good guaranty that the movie will sell. Again better spend your money on publicity, good directors & producers than actors.

And I am a bit worried about the future of the comics book movie industry. Now it s cool to play in a super hero movie but very soon this trend will stop. I see that in JLA Bale wont be part of it. Is it really because he s too expensive or that Bale him self don't wont to be recognize as Batman? Big actors are also a big risk to consider.

Maybe Luke cage wont be big but if it s good movie that s what matter.

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