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Default Re: Luke Cage: Update

Originally Posted by tamron View Post
Have you read the script? How do you know it's good? I'm not being confrontational, I'm genuinely curious to know if you have inside info.
Well I was referring to this part of your article

In the screenplay Ramsey stays faithful to the comic origins of Cage but contemporizes him for today's audiences. Luke Cage is a playa and he talks like one. I forgot to mention that there is also a lot of pimp and playa talk in this script. Enough to piss off little Spike Lee and turn him into the Incredible Hulk but I enjoyed the hell out of it. The story takes place in an around Harlem not Times Square. The main villain of the piece is WILLIS STRYKER who will become DIAMONDBACK. The structure is very solid for a comic book origin movie and is structured similar to Batman Begins. Carl Lucas (who will become Luke Cage) is a reformed street hustler who is framed for a murder he didn't commit. He's sent to Seagate prison and put on Death Row. With six days left before his execution and his chances for winning an appeal slim, his lawyer WARREN JOHNSON introduces Lucas to a biophysicist DR. NOAH BERNSTEIN with an opportunity to save Lucas's life. Bernstein is doing research in human cell regeneration and would like for Lucas to participate in an experiment that if successful, could counter the damages of any disease -- perhaps even aging. Of course, Lucas agrees. He gets injected with a cellular mutagen designed to accelerate cell growth. The experiment goes wrong and Lucas is back on Death Row. We are then treated to some back-story between Lucas, Striker, and Lucas's lady REVA. Stryker pimps hos and is trying to take over the New York Crime Scene a la Jack Nicholson in Batman. Page 26: Execution day. They try to deep fry Lucas like Kentucky Fried Chicken but instead LUCAS'S MUSCLES BEGIN TO SWELL, bursting at the sleeves. Buttons pop off of his shirt as his pecs swell. His convulsions are so strong that THE CHAIR STARTS TO TEAR FROM ITS FOUNDATION. Bolts pull out of the floor. Lucas, to the tune of Public Enemy's "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos!" punches hole through the wall and escapes from Seagate. Act I ends on page 32 with Chuck D singing "Death Row? W-What a brotha know!"

In the beginning of Act II we meet CLAIR TEMPLE who argues with her kid sister HOPE. By Page 40 Lucas is back in his old stomping grounds of Harlem but it looked like the place has slipped downhill since he was last there. He goes over to Dixie's Bar And Grill, hooks up with his friend DIXIE who fills in Lucas on what has been happening since Lucas has been gone. She hooks him up with a room to stay in above the bar. Dixie tells Lucas that he got a second chance. Lucas can't hustle kitchenware anymore. The game has changed. He needs to get a life. On a stroll through the mean streets of Harlem, Lucas stops a stickup kid who just robbed these Jewish merchants ED and MINNIE. The stick up kid runs into Lucas, gives him some lip and Lucas chucks his ass through the windshield of a nearby car.

A Police car screeches to a halt and NEW YORK'S FINEST leap out, guns drawn on Lucas. Minnie intervenes and tell the cops that Lucas foiled the robbery. Now the really cool part. The cops ask Lucas for his name. Lucas stops himself. He looks across the street at and old movie theater playing a NICHOLAS CAGE MOVIE. A reverse homage! Lucas responds Cage! Luke Cage! That moment was hilarious. Page 49: Ed and Minnie want to show Lucas their gratitude since they got their six grand back. They pay Lucas some dough and AN IDEA IS BORN! The next thing you know Cage is at Kinko's getting business cards printed up:

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