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Default Re: The Gus Gorman thread

Originally Posted by Gustavs01 View Post
WOW! really jeez and here I thought it he was created by Lex in a lab, silly me. Anyways during an HBO first lookish program back before most on this board was born, They had a small chat with Lester and Reeves about the whole Bad Superman scenes it was supposed to be much grander in terms of the story, Websco was to create their own version of Supes, (BIZZARO) and with The real Superman temporarily gone powerless by the the new type of kryptonite, is ordered to destroy and cause havoc, But with Budget constraints and go figure the Salkind's sticking there nose into all thing's Superman, They had it axed down to what we got. I am little mad that they never included any of those interviews onto the DVD's. But if you can get a hold of the script for the film it says Bizarre superman.
Regardless, it's still not Bizarro.

Bizzaro is a weird, opposite version of Superman. He is not the evil version of Superman.

In the movie, Superman becomes corrupt, bitter and evil. I call it the 'Fallen' or 'Corrupt' Superman. And to be honest, I prefer this to Bizarro. Reeve is awesome as a malevolent, angry Man of Steel.

Also, the post-Crisis Bizzaro was created by Luthor, but that was in 1986, three years after Superman III. The original Bizzaro was created via a duplicating ray.

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