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Default Re: The Gus Gorman thread

Originally Posted by SUPERBENITEZ View Post
Whenever I watch the movie, frankly, I find myslelf wishing that there were more scenes with Reeve's corrupted Superman. For me, he's the best, and most interesting part of the movie. I can watch those scenes over and over again and not get bored of them.

Absolutely. The stuff with the corrupted Superman is so, so superior to the rest of the film. The best villain of the Superman series is the corrupted Superman. Reeve is just awesome. Instead of just playing evil, he plays him as bitter, resentful, depressed, violent and lustful.

And then the junkyard battle scene is superb. Everything about it is perfect. One of the best scenes in any superhero movie.

There is no Marvel/DC rivalry. Most of the great comic creators worked for both; Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Walt Simonsen, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, John Byrne, Steve Englehart, Mark Waid...even Stan Lee.
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