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Default Re: Mask Of The Phantasm Appreciation Thread

MOTP is GREAT but it's OVERRATED, OVERPRAISED, and OVERSTATED. Just like the score is. The movie has plotholes. Like how Andrea is able to do the stuff the phantasm does like disappear and able to outrun the Batwing. The animation isn't really TOP NOTCH either. I'm not trying to bash this movie. I watched this movie to death on videotape when I was a kid. All I'm saying is this movie is also flawed like the others. It always bother me years ago ,how people say this is the BEST Batman movie and it's animated. It's animated of course the action scenes are going to be better than the movies because it can get away with more than live action movies. BB has no excuse with the technology today it should be able to get away with more than any of the others and hold it's own with TAS .

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