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Default Re: Mask Of The Phantasm Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Numez View Post
silly comments like this are why no one should take nolanites seriously.
And comments like this are why nobody should take you seriously. I don't even think that the guy said in his post that he was a Nolanite. But hey, why pass up a chance to bash Nolanites eh, Numez? You can just call anyone that you don't like a Nolanite as long as they have even the slightest interest in TDK, and then just bash-bash-bash away! It's idiotic stuff like this (from both sides) that keeps the Burton/Nolanite bickerfest flaming on. Anywho, while I don't think MOTP is the BEST Batman movie, it's definitely in my top 3. I can't decide whether I like it or Return of the Joker more, though.

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