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Default Re: Who Can Be Apocalypses Horsemen?

Originally Posted by alfmartinez View Post
death archangel
and cyclops or wolverine
it depends on the enphasys of the movie.. but wolverine as a bad guy would rock!
I agree. I would love to see Wolvie on the other side, battling Storm, Rogue, Gambit, and all the others... Especially Rogue, though. I'd love to have a minute or two of them going one-on-one, like a student v. mentor role. I can picture two fight scenes occuring simultaneously: Logan v. Rogue, and Storm v. Archangel. Students battling their mentors; only one of the students is on the good side, and the other is on the evil side.

Of course, Rogue couldn't take Logan on her own, but a minute or two of solo battle would be nice. I'm not sure if Logan should have his adamantium or not at that point (wasn't the reason he joined the Horsemen in the comics because he lost his adamantium? I'm not sure); but if he did, I can picture Rogue taking his powers, then stabbing him with bone claws. She breaks her claw on his adamantium, giving him the opportunity to get the upper hand again. Maybe that could be combined with another scene I picture: her on top of him, touching him to drain his energy. he stabs her in the side, and slowly runs his claw up her body, ripping at her insides. The only reason she isn't dead is because she's taken his quick-healing abilities; but she can't hold on forever. Maybe that could be the point where she stabs him, and breaks her claw like I was talking about above.

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