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Default Re: Mask Of The Phantasm Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by GoogleMe94 View Post
i dont know why, but im constantly amazed at how fans can like a cartoon more then any live action films. just interesting.
The writing was better than Burtons and Joel Schumacher's movie, the movie has hart, it conveys emotion better than either of there movies, the dark deco looks better stylized than Burtons and Schumacher, the voice acting is excellent, and certain scenes work immensely better animated than they would if they were live, such as when he puts on the mask for the first time, it is a simple black silhouet, all you see is the eyes, then the shape shifts across the screen like it is part of the background, if your an adolescent kid, this movie doesn't treat you like a fool, it's not a Disney sing along, they present it as proper drama, it's a shame we don't have more cartoons like this.

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