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Default Re: Transformers comics

Syn's Matrix

Hey there, Transformers. It's Syn here, givin you the low down on Beast Wars Acending #1. As you know, I am an avid Transformer Fan, and have been collecting these Transformers Comics for a few years. Ever since the show and the toys back in the 90's, I have been a Transformerfanatic. I can't get enough. I find it my duty to spread the good word of these comics, so others can get in on the fun as I have. Thats why I have started, "Syn's Matrix" ,where I will give my reviews on various Transformers comics. I hope you enjoy it, and find my reviews helpful.

Ok, onto Beast Wars Acending #1

Great Art is what I have to say to start. I really can't imagine a better artist for Transformers then Don Figueroa. He draws in a way that combines the old Beast Wars TV show, and that of the Japenese Beast Wars II and Neo in such a way that at times, you feel like you are watching an actual episode.

Ok, I will start by saying I have noticed that a lot of the IDW Transformers books tend to be difficult to follow because of how much information they cram into one issue. I take it at face value. It is understandable and the story still flows beautifully. Its just at times, I feel I must flip back and forth between pages to make sure I understood what happened.

Spoilers Ahead!!!

On to the plot. Beast Wars Acending opens with a Civil War of Maximals versus Predacons on Cybertron. The almighty former Predacon General Magmatron watches from a limbo as the planet of Cybertron explodes into nothingness. As he watches Cybertron's doom in the present, he realizes that he must do something to stop the doom of his homeworld. He conjures a plan to go into the past, and find an old foe in hopes of teaming up with him to save Cybertron. As he leaves, we are shown the shadowy figure of a deadly foe. One that most TF fans don't know. He has been called the most powerful of Cybertron, and his body contains some of the entity that is Unicron. I won't say anymore.

On Earth, in the year 70,000 BC, the Maximals have been rebuilding and waiting for rescue. There has been no reply from the stress beacon they sent out in Gathering, and they are all growing weary. As Grimlock roams the jungle, he stumbles upon a Decepticon infiltration party. As he engages them, they activate previously planted mines inside the Maximal base, and a new battle begins. as the Decepticons begin their war with the weary Maximals, it is revealed that field commander Ravage has taken up the position of Leader amongst the Decepticons. He infiltrates the base, and comes across Razorbeast. Meer seconds before slicing Razorbeast's head in two, Snarl saves Razorbeast, allowing him to imobilize Ravage.

In the past only a few by years from the past Earth (I know, confusing ain't it?) Magmatron changes history, and allows the Maximal distress beacon to reach Cybertron. The call is received by none nther than Razorbeast's old friend and leader, Lio Convoy. Lio gets his team ready, and takes "The Pack" on a journey to the Past.

Meanwhile, the heralds of a god on Cybertron gather, as their master reawakens. He rises from his slumber. his power eminating from his body in huge beams of energy. His name is Shokaract, and as he rises, his heralds fall down, and bow to their, "god."

Simon Furman is an amazing writer, and really brings depth to these characters, which it difficult to do given the number of the transformers used in this comic.

Overall, I give the issue 8.5 out of 10.

Spoiler's End!!!

So thats the issue. Look here for more, "Syn's Matrix" soon for an overview of the entire series of Megatron Origins and Beast Wars the Gathering. Also, be here for my reviews for the Marvel Transformers Series, Transformers Movie Prequel and Movie Adaptation, and any other Transformers Comics soon to come. As always, this is for the fans, so if you have any feedback, ideas, or anything, give me a pm, or just say it here.

---Syn Out---

"Anything Worthwhile is Perishable."

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