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Originally Posted by spidergrant View Post
can you review beast wars the gathering because i got this book that says beast wars the gathering on the front and on the side its says manga. the book is kind of smal like maybe a little smaller than a dvd case. so can someone tell me what happens in beast wars the gathering so il know i have the right book. and whats with beast wars ascending. are there 2 issues out cause i went to a comic book store and bought two comics. one had the maximals on it and said issue A and the other had the predacons and said issue B
Ah, my faithful TF comic lover. The answer is simple.

With every Transformer comic, many covers are made. These covers are labeled A-D. The issue numbers are labeled above it under IDW's logo. The Predacon and Maximal cover are both Issue 1, just with different covers.

Beast Wars Acending 2 has Lio Convoy and "The Pack" decending from the sky.

I will review Beast Wars Gathering soon. As far as I know, Beast Wars Gathering and Beast Wars Gathering Manga are the same. One is just smaller.

Here's a picture for reference.

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