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Originally Posted by spidergrant View Post
can you review beast wars the gathering because i got this book that says beast wars the gathering on the front and on the side its says manga. the book is kind of smal like maybe a little smaller than a dvd case. so can someone tell me what happens in beast wars the gathering so il know i have the right book. and whats with beast wars ascending. are there 2 issues out cause i went to a comic book store and bought two comics. one had the maximals on it and said issue A and the other had the predacons and said issue B
What it sounds like you got is a paperback re-printing done in the Japanese style of books.The newer comics have been reprinted for the Japanese market and are being done in both English and Japanese.Some stores like Target have been carring these latly.Sometimes they have 2 issues reprinted into one manga.Sometimes they are also Black and White.The stories are the same.

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