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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Mutant Name:

Human Name:
Verent Saunders


Change color (see below)


180 lbs

Long torso and shorter legs with a broader-than-average shoulder structure. Muscled, but not bulky. Likes to swim for exercise.

Can see and manipulate sound waves (most preferably in air), by using his skin as a sound sensory organ. By diverting sound waves coming from any source and changing their amplitude, wavelength and frequency in microseconds, he can protect himself from most physical attacks and deal out impressive damage to opponents and surroundings. Because of his skins sound-sensitivity, he can see 360 degrees in all directions as a sort of second sight, making it nearly impossible to sneak up on him. His brain reacts instinctually to any dangerously loud sound or pressure waves (say, from a blast) by manipulating the wave properties of any other sounds in the area to cancel the oncoming sound wall out. He has a perfect music memory and can use the skin of his body as an enormous speaker to play whatever sound or song he wants.

Physical Abnormalities:
At the emergence of his powers, an overwhelming pain enveloped his torso and he blacked out. The resulting changes are as follows: A one-way-flow respiratory system that takes air in through two sets of eight holes on either side of his ribcage, through an enormous, twisted, intestinal-looking lung (this one-way design allows him to breathe water for short periods of time), and out through four windpipes. Each of these windpipes has its own voice box, each at a different vocal range, only two of which produce sounds hearable by the human ear (the other two produce sounds higher and lower than we can perceive). Another oddity is the structure of his bones, which are extremely strong, yet are hollow, and the biggest of his bones have a piece of extremely dense material suspended through the center of each of them which acts like an internal tuning fork, keeping him from getting off-key or disoriented by sound overload. One of the more obvious of Verent’s physical differences is the color of his eyes. His iris color changes according to his emotions or physical feelings (red-anger, flashes of electric blue-pain, yellow-amusement, green-envy, pea green-nauseated, orange-excited, etc…). His eyes also give off a rather strong, ambient light. Because of this he usually wears dark sunglasses to hide his emotions and what he’s thinking.

In honor of the day his powers emerged, he wears a custom choir robe over his street clothes when he goes on missions. The robe is mostly white with large stripes and music symbols in electric blue and sun yellow. Wears a pair of dark sunglasses with lime green rims over his eyes. These glasses completely seal off his eyes in order to cut off the light that they emit. Never leaves the school without his Mp3 player

His powers appeared when he was eighteen and a senior in high school. During a vocal solo he had in the Easter program at his church, he suddenly had piercing pains in his chest and neck, at which point he screamed and blacked out. When he came to, he was in a hospital room under lock and key and being guarded. Apparently his scream had shattered every piece of glass within a mile radius of the church and burst many an eardrum in the congregation. Because of this, the authorities were keeping him locked down until they knew what to do with him. He managed to get somewhat of a handle on his abilities, and used them to escape. Remembering hearing something about a school for mutants, he tracked down a phone number, called Xavier’s institute for the gifted and got picked up and taken to the school.

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