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Syn's Matrix

Hey all. Welcome back to Syn’s Matrix. This time, I’ll be reviewing the Beast Wars The Gathering issues. Because this is not the graphic novel, I’ll be breaking this up into a four-issue deal. This may seem extreme, but I do it for the consumer. I have the individual issues, so I’ll review them individually. The graphic novel and trades may have a different deal, and I don’t want to falsely promote anything.

Beast Wars: The Gathering, Issue 1.

Beast Wars The Gathering #1 is another great story written by Simon Furman. He shows us that bringing together close to a hundred different Beast Wars Transformers, be it Transmetal, Transmetal 2, or mutant, can be done. The amazing thing about these issues is that almost none of the characters in this comic are from the show. This is certainly a feat, being that most people know nothing about the personalities or temperaments of anyone other than the TV show characters. I have to give him a tip of the hat to that.

Just as Simon shows us his competency as a writer, Don Figuroa shows us his talent at amazing art. There were four other covers for issue 1. Cover A with Magmatron in his Cybertron form (non beast like, no animals), Cover B with all three forms of Megatron from the TV show, Cover C with all three forms of Optimus Primal from the TV show, and my favorite, Cover D which is a front back cover of a depiction of a large battle between Magmatron and his Predacons versus Razorbeast and his Maximals. His portrayal of the characters in both robot and beast mode feels so real. I would never have another artist besides him.

(!!!Spoilers Ahead!!!!)

Issue one opens with an intro to Beast Wars. It does a quick recap of what we’ve learned from the show, to about somewhere in Season II or III. Then, we are introduced to Magmatron and his fleet of Decepticons. They are joined by Razorbeast, Magmatron’s trusted warrior. Magmatron explains he has been sent to earth to find the rogue Predacon, Megatron, and bring him back to Cybertron. This was a feat that the first Predacon agent, Ravage, failed to do. As the team starts to branch out to find a suitable location to plant a transwarp tower, they come across Depth Charge. Magmatron explains to his soldiers that there is nothing to fear from this Maximal. They have off set the space time continuum, and are off by mere milliseconds. Thus, allowing no one in the actual present to see them.

One of the things I love about this issue, is the flash backs to Cybertron. I love seeing all of these Beast Wars with vehicle modes instead of animal forms. The flash back reveals Razorbeast is actually a spy, sent with Magmatron to watch him. The Maximals fear he is recruiting soldiers, and they want to make sure he doesn’t get the chance to strike.

The Predacons get the transwarp broadcast tower set, and activate it. The purpose of this, is to turn all stasis pods of the Maximals into Predacons. It appears to work, as the stasis pods open, and Predacons emerge. But suddenly, a Predacon soldier in the artic finds that something is wrong, and comes face to face with a powerful Maximal. Magmatron realizes something is up, and at that moment, Razorbeast runs.

A safe distance away from Magmatron and his Predacons, Razorbeast sends a distress call to the emerging Maximals. The other Predacon scouts in the air report to Magmatron that the new Cybertronians are all Maximal, and seem to be in great numbers. Magmatron replies with a grin, and tells his units, “Unleash the Beast Wars.”

Overall, the issue was good. A little fast paced, but there’s a lot to cover. I enjoyed the issue, and thought it was a good intro to the new comic concept. Overall, I give this issue a 7.8 out of 10.

(!!!Spoilers End!!!)

Well, hope you all enjoyed another part in the new review series of, Syn’s Matrix. Be back here soon for the continuation of my review for Beast Wars: The Gathering.

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