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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Scar tissue

Real Name: Melanie Einspanier

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Race: German

Height: 5ft6

Age: 16

Powers: The ability to transform pain, both physical and emotional, into fire and explosive energy both within her own body and the bodies of others. She is resilient to heat and fire. This also gives her a limited empathic abilities and resilience to telepathic assault.

Origin of power: Her powers first manifested at the funeral of her parents, who had been killed in a car accident. The grief and pain surrounding her acted as a catalyst to her abilities and she transformed all that painful energy into an explosion of fire, causing all the guests around her to spontaneously combust or burn to death in the ensuing inferno. She awoke in the crumbling remains of the church and knew she’d have to flee.

She lived on the streets, travelling through Germany by foot and train. The memory of what she did caused her abilities to flare up erratically and endanger those around her. She turned to self harm to control her abilities and provide a safe way to channel her pain and anger. However, the pain began to become too much for her to handle and she quickly started to dabble in drugs, particularly morphine.

After an overdose, intended to kill herself, she was found unconscious by a member of the public who brought her to a hospital. Through various blood tests they discovered she was a mutant and called the Institute for Higher Learning, and Nightcrawler was dispatched to persuade her to join. She joined the institute and was placed on Nightcrawler’s squad, assuming the codename Scar Tissue. She since became a Christian, in hopes of finding forgiveness for what she has done.

Personality: Once an extrovert girl with a rebellious streak, the death of her parents and the manifestation of her powers left her with bi-polar condition, causing her to sway in and out of depression. Because of this, she prefers to adopt a cold and uncaring front in order to save others around her from being hurt.

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