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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by GoogleMe94 View Post
he wanted it to match the comics, but not the films? and lines of dialogue? like what, that teeny reference to catwoman? thats all i can remember.
Yep! He sure did. The truth is when Billy Dee was cast nobody ready thought about Two Face. His role in Batman was so small that most people in the public won't really remember. Teeny? I'd say that was pretty big. What about the line where Robin say's "Your parent weren't killed my a maniac"? Face it dude, it is a sequel... just becuase it doesn't seem like one to you doesn't mean the rest of us think the same thing.

Originally Posted by Nightwing1977 View Post
Hello again BatmanRules33/Batwing6655/Dr. Satan/brownish33. Still denying BF is a sequel here again, huh? Wheter you guys want to or not, BF is really a sequel. Keaton was going to return. I bet if Burton return too, you would say it's a sequel. Come on!! BF is a sequel & that is a fact. If you don't believe it, go ask Keaton or Burton about it then.
So this is the same guy?

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