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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by GoogleMe94 View Post
wtf is this? dr. satan? batwing? wtf? what a flaming idiot.

i can plainly see that. but im not going to get into a flame war about it. your obviously one of those annoying as heck ppl on that thinks they know everything and think the other bat films suck ass and that begins is the end all batman movie. first, your wrong. 2nd, shut the hell up. obviously your just another biased Begins nut who so obviously pefers nolans films, even the ones that havent been made yet. what a nolanite turd. wish there was an "ignore" option, you'd be the first to go on it. i have my opinion, and you have yours. no need to be a total dipsh** about it. i can see your developing "Troll" behavior, and if thats the case, i hope you get banned soon. this website certainly doesnt need a another begins troll, or burton troll for that matter, which i am not. but i know you probabkly think i am.
That's quite the judgement there man. Just how do you know all these things?

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