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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Mr. Socko View Post
How is this? By making him a bumbling moron with a half purple barney face who wears cheetah stripes. If we're estimating by the comics, Burton and Billy Dee's version of Harvey Dent was far more faithful than Schumacher's "Happy Day Duh-Dah" version of Two Face. The only thing that's even different from William's Dent was his skin color. Joel's "Crazy Bones Jones" Two Face was changed in persona, psyche, personality, and given a ridiculously stupid look.
Sorry, what I meant was I think Joel wanted Two Face to be white.

Originally Posted by Mr. Socko View Post
I want to gouge my eyeballs out whenever someone says this, when Billy Dee William's himself has said that he has read Batman comics and ONLY signed on because he was promised he would be able to play Two Face in a future movie. It was specifically stated in his contract, when Schumacher opted to use him for Tommy Lee Jones, Williams had to be paid a certain amount because he was promised the role of Two Face but didn't get it.

One of his most notable roles was in 1989's Batman as district attorney Harvey Dent. Williams originally took the role believing that it would land him in a sequel playing the supervillain Two-Face and arranged a pay or play contract in preparation for the role. However, the studio decided to pay the penalty fee instead when the time came for the third installment, Batman Forever in order cast to Tommy Lee Jones for the role.

This is also stated on the DVD.
I never knew that. Learn something new everyday. I must say If he really thought that he's a dumbass.

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