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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Of all the redundant "destroy Gotham" plots, Returns appears to me as the second most valuable.

1. Begins : Ra's the ecoterrorist, brilliant, he calculated and thought of how he could in a way bring harmony to the world. He bases an opinion and respect it.
2. Returns : The Penguin, rejected freak, from passing to the light to fall back in it so hardly, wants to mark his unacceptance and make other share his fatality. Monstruous, at his image, but it's a matter of acceptance, apperances, animality, etc. Great.

3. 1989 : No reason. Napier's a sociopath, Joker's totally insane. Kill for laughs. Period. Not a very tough reason of why destroying Gotham here.

4. BF : Riddler wants to pump up Gotham's brains...weird, not offensive, gay, but it had some kind of point, if he wanted to be more intelligent. That's a good reason at least.

5. B&R : OMGWTFBBQ, destroy because he thinks Batman killed his wife..."humanity must suffer with me" "first, gotham, then, DA WOHLD!" huh...sure...ahem... LAME

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