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Default Re: Who Can Be Apocalypses Horsemen?

Originally Posted by Superhero 101 View Post
Well this is a thread for which mutant will be Apocalypses Horsemen.
Juggernaut- War

I prefer the original 4 horsemen i mean how exactly does mystique represent pestilence? Or phoenix represent famine? I mean cyclops kind of represents death except his optic blast primarily shove things out of the way.

Archangel is tool cool to be replaced by cyclops in goth gear and piercings. We all want cyclops back but his "death" in x-3 leaves enough room for a conventional return without having to bring apocalypse in.

The other three would be pale shadows of their original characters. I mean surely juggernaut would be exactly the same? How could apocalypse make him more powerful than `unstopable`? Phionex turning up would just mean they would have to kill her again. And mystique is cooler as the shape changer she was meant to be.

The original war was cool. He was a cripled war veteran given a second chance by apocalypse with the ability to create immense explosions by clap his hands. And famine and pestilence were perfect one created famine the other pestilence. Simple.

If you just give the names to anybody the first time out it begs the question how does a woman with immense telekinesis and midn powers end up getting called famine? And in what way does a woman who can change her appearance represent famine?

I just think the originals were good enough.

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