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Default Re: Why I miss Helena Wayne, the Pre-COIE Huntress

Originally Posted by Miss Webb View Post
Such as? I never followed the other Huntress much, there was no 'hook' to grab my interest.
Well to begin with the pre-Crissis Huntress, Helena Wayne was the daughter of the known as Earth 2 [a parallel dimension] aging hero Bruce Wayne [Batman] and his wife, Selina Kyle (the former criminal known as Catwoman) and was trained by her parents to become a superb athlete and a detective.

Helena began her super-hero career when a criminal blackmailed her mother into resuming action once again as Catwoman....useing a faked photograph "Silky" Cernak convinced Selina Kyle that she onced murdered a police officer during her Catwoman days and Selina feared that if Bruce and her new family and friends found out the her life would be in ruins.

Selina Kyle was killed by "Silky" Cernak when Batman showed up to stop a breakin.Catwoman died in the arms of Batman....leaving him a broken man.

Anguished by this stain to her mother's memory, Helena, decided to bring the criminal responsible to justice, Helena adopted a costume in honor of both her parents and became the Huntress. She tracked down "Silky" Cernak and arrested him, leaving his unconscious body bound in a net outside of Police Headquarters. She learned that the photograph that Silky had in his possession was doctored and that her mother never actually killed anyone. With her mother's honor restored, Helena continued to fight crime as the Huntress formally joining her father's former ward Dick Grayson as his junior partner and later became a member of the JSA as well as that of Infinity INC..

The post-"Crissis" Huntress is Helena Rosa Bertinelli, the daughter of one of Gotham's mafia bosses who, after seeing her entire family murdered by a mob hit, vows revenge. Batman does not aprove of the Huntress, believing her to be too unpredictable and violent. Others in the Batman family feel differently; for instance, Robin [Tim Drake] has always had a good working relationship with her.She laters joins the JLA and JSA and is now a member of the Birds of Prey.

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