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Default Re: Why I miss Helena Wayne, the Pre-COIE Huntress

Originally Posted by Miss Webb View Post
I kind of knew the bare bones of her history. It just seemed too much like "our" Bruce, I guess. I always preferred reading about the post COIE Huntress, her origin seemed more original. And for some reason the "other" Bruce being retired (although realistic) kinda reduced him in my eyes. Maybe his Selina was different. The current Cat and Bat have no real chemistry outside of costume. It's all 'persona' driven. When I see Bruce and Selina in street clothes, its like ok, whatever.
Yes the earth 2 version of Catwoman was very different then "post crissis" Catwoman.Batman being semi retired never bother me much because it made him more real to me.I think that evey man has a breaking point and E2 Batman's was his wife dieing in his arms.

And He felt that it was partly his fault.First his wife did the job that got her killed because she wanted to spare Bruce's feeling.Second she was killed trying to save Bruce.

Today is a good day to die...

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