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Default Re: WRITERS STRIKE delaying Transformers 2.....

I could understand the writers going on strike if they were doing such a great job creating scripts for movies and scenarios for tv shows but, that is clearly not what has happened. I haven't seen a good sitcom in a long time. The only shows I've enjoyed watching since 2001 are the csi shows. 90% of the hollywood films made since 2000 are unoriginal crap. The vast majority of these writers don't deserve more money.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. No one bothered to give Tom Rothman the memo.

CBM hack list:

Mark Steven Johnson, Paul WS Anderson, Brett Ratner, Joel Schumacher, Kenneth Johnson, Rob Bowman, Zak Penn, Simon Kinberg, Avi Arad, Pitoff, John Rogers, and Tim Story.
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