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Default Re: Your idea of a JLA trailer?

The screen is completely black. A heavy, base pounding, thumping sound permeate the theater. *Whomp…………………….Whomp* An astonish voice speaks, “Jesus…… Where is Superman?” *Whomp* A frighten female cries out, ”CLARK!”

The symbol appears and grows on the screen. *Whomp* Sudden silence and a man voice frighteningly; yet soberingly, tells the tale. “Oh God….oh God…. he’s down, Superman’s down.” Another voice, “It’s too many of them” The sound of something flapping in a strong wind breaks the silence as a concern child speaks, the screen still in blackness, “Mommy… is Superman dead?”

Suddenly an orchestrated, gothic music play as quick scenes flashes across the screen.

symbol fill the screen, a shadowy silhouette of Batman is seen. ~ symbol fill the screen, a red blur streaks across the screen. symbol fill the screen, WonderWoman on her knees, looking upwards in angst. symbol fill the screen, Jon Stewart standing in deep thought as he grasp a glowing ring. A symbol fill the screen, Aquaman laying on his back straining to keep what appears to some sort of pitch-forked weapon from penetrating his neck. MM symbol fill the screen, a dark silhouette of the back of an alien figure with a weapon or sort, in his hand.

Just as suddenly, the music stops. The sound of a breezy wind is heard, and we are treated to a battle scene, of a burning and decimated city's landscape, as the camera pans to a broken street sign with a rip & torn red cape caught on it…. and precipitously, blows off into the wind.

The screen goes black with the words,

Justice League ....fades

Summer 2015 ....fades

Than something quickly approach the screen and than goes blank.

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