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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

Originally Posted by Spider-Bat View Post
Out of the three movies based on classic golden age heroes which was best, in your opinion.

For me it's The Shadow. I loved everything about it. The look, the feel, the cast, it was all great. It made me sad though that Alec couldn't play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Forever, he'd have been great, not that Kilmer was bad but Alec as Batman, come on! That would've been very nice, his voice alone would be worth hearing in the cowl!!!

The Phantom was good too, I saw that in the theater. It's a fun movie.

Dick Tracy I like but not much, and I HATE Madonna.
Dick Tracy was a great film at which I really don't think needs a remake quite yet.
The Phantom was a really enjoyable movie, but considering how the majority of the reviewers felt about it, I'd like to see another film hit theatres.
The Shadow this one I think is in desperate need of a remake, I personally liked the movie, Alec Baldwin was great as The Shadow, the look and feel of the character was spot on it's just that the film itself could've done a lot better then it did. I would personally like to see this come to the big-screen again real soon and with Sam Raimi as director, I think that's a perfect combination considering his style.

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