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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

totally agree, i am amazed when i listen to it, its mesmerizing. that a human being can create such beauty.

love theme? it was just Princes music made into a movie theme. it wasnt elfmans original idea, i dont think.

the Returns score had more character to it, mainly because there were 3 different themes: Batmans, Catwomans, and Penguins. i think elfman tried to create a joker theme (its featured a bit in "waltz to the death") but elfman has admiteed that it never really panned out. and elfman really did an amazing job with conveying all 3 characters musically. Catwomans high pitched violin shrieks, penguins snobby yet silently gothic anthem, and Batmans triuphant trumpety march. thats alot to do in just one film, but elfman pulled it off. i totally get why B89 is more liked, its got less of that gothic/boys choir sound and more booming, trumpety comic book heroic sound. they both have there strengths and weaknesses.

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