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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

Originally Posted by thejon93 View Post
Dick Tracy was a great film at which I really don't think needs a remake quite yet.
The Phantom was a really enjoyable movie, but considering how the majority of the reviewers felt about it, I'd like to see another film hit theatres.
The Shadow this one I think is in desperate need of a remake, I personally liked the movie, Alec Baldwin was great as The Shadow, the look and feel of the character was spot on it's just that the film itself could've done a lot better then it did. I would personally like to see this come to the big-screen again real soon and with Sam Raimi as director, I think that's a perfect combination considering his style.
Sam Raimi is why I hated what was done with the Shadow, Sam wanted to do it, the suits said "no" so he created Darkman out of spite. Sam could have done a FAR superior adaption of The Shadow then what were given in 94.

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