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Default Re: The Transformers 2 news,info, etc thread

Originally Posted by millennium movies View Post
Yeah with no success sadly. The problem is not time or anything, it's the scripts, im the only one that's in a position to write the scripts. I'm horrible at coming up with dialogue and im not one bit motivated to write scripts or such. One of our scripts i started last year is only at 6/7 pages and i haven't been able to continue. It's like a block

yeah i know...excuses lol
At least you have 6/7 pages lol. That's one of the things I would love to do is write. A lot of my friends for motivation tell me to just START writing.

For me it's not that easy, not just because im hard on myself and what I do but I just can't seem to come up with any great ideas.

The other problem is I've read so many books, watched so many movies and played so many video games most of my ideas I hate because I can always think of something that already did it first.

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